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Here is a list of programs, libraries and other things that are part of gEDA/gaf (gschem and friends).

Schematic capture

gschem(1) is the schematic capture program/tool which is part of gEDA. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the graphical input of components/circuits. See the gschem User Guide for more information on the program.


gnetlist(1) is a netlist generation program. It takes as input gEDA/gaf .sch (schematic) files and the required .sym (symbol) files and converts them into netlists. See the gnetlist User Guide for more information on the program.

Attribute editing

gattrib(1) is gEDA's attribute editor. It reads a set of gschem .sch files (schematic files), and creates a spreadsheet showing all components in rows, with the associated component attributes listed in the columns.

See also the Master Attributes List document for more information on attributes used in gEDA/gaf.


There are many utilities included as part of gEDA/gaf. See their manual pages and READMEs in the source distribution for more information on them:

Utilities for schematics

Utilities for symbols

Tools to facilitate netlisting

Utilities for printing and graphical output

Format conversion tools

Tools for interaction with other programs

Update utilities

These are utilities for schematics and symbols for support of old schematic file formats:


Symbols (on a schematic) are an abstract representation of the physical components used in electronic circuits. Initial gEDA installation provides you with default symbols contributed by many users. See also the gEDA/gaf Symbol Creation document on how to create your own symbols and to find already available symbols shared by other gEDA users.


Examples and other documentation

gEDA/gaf contains some examples and other documentation which can be found in the documentation installation directory of your distribution.