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gEDA Links

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See also: Projects created using gEDA

Open Collector -- The database for open hardware tools/designs

SDB's advanced SPICE netlister Homepage (now part of gEDA/gaf)

DJ Delorie's HobbyPlatform EDA Tools page

John Luciani's page on gEDA, gsch2pcb, PCB footprint creation and library

Spicelib, which provides thousands of Gnucap and NGSpice compatible component models

gEDA Project Code of Conduct

Various press that gEDA has received

An article about gEDA (written by Stuart Brorson) was printed in Linux Journal

An article about gEDA (written by a few gEDA developers) was printed in Circuit Cellar

An interview with various people involved with gEDA in EEDesign/EETimes

The above interview got posted to Slashdot

An older interview that appeared in EETimes

A story written by Iznogood appeared in LinuxFocus