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gEDA Mailing Lists

Available Mailing Lists

List Name Description Posting address Access Archives
geda-help New user help subscribe Archive
geda-user User discussions and announcements subscribe Archive
geda-commits Commit notifications subscribe not archived
geda-web-commits Website change notifications subscribe not archived

Information on the gEDA developer mailing list is on the gEDA developer page.


Be sure to read all the notes before subscribing

Bug notifications

The geda-bug list is no longer active. If you would like to receive notifications when bugs are posted and modified, visit the gEDA Launchpad bugs page, log in (yes, you'll need a Launchpad account) and click on “Subscribe to bug mail”.

Read via gmane

The gEDA mailing lists are no longer mirrored via gmane.

Search the mailing lists

There is no local search tool for the archive of the mailing lists. However, you can use an external search engine to retrieve topics that have been dealt with before. Since the many geda terms like “schematic” and “pcb” are not very specific a general web search may be swamped by false hits. Two options to look in the archives only:

  1. Use the gmane search page (march 2005 to september 2011)
  2. Restrict a google search to google advanced search

Obsolete mailing lists

List Name Description Archives
geda-announce Old Announcement list web Monthly
geda-user Old User list Monthly Monthly
geda-dev Old Developer list Monthly Monthly
geda-cvs Repository commits Monthly Monthly
geda-bug Bugs/Patches Monthly Monthly