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Ubuntu Install Notes

Basic Stable Installation: Use apt-get or synaptic to install a stable version from Debian repositories. (easy). Alternately download a binary .deb from Debian (thanks to Hamish) and you can just sudo dpkg -i <pcb-version.deb>.

Build Installation: Ubuntu doesn't include everything you need to compile software yourself. You'll want to install the 'build-essential' package using apt-get or synaptic to get the basic toolchain working on your machine. (Things like GCC are not inc. in Ubuntu). For a testing maturity level for PCB or geda, build-essential should be all you need.

Be careful as synaptic can do extreme damage to your system. Do be fooled into replacing libc6 because synaptic will want to remove all applications that depend on it – meaning your entire system.

CVS Installation: For the CVS version of PCB under Edgy, your ./configure step will require running with switch –enable-maintainer-mode. (more notes needed)

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