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$Id: README,v 1.2 2005/10/24 21:12:42 dan Exp $

Wcalc is a tool for the analysis and synthesis of transmission line structures and 
related components.  Wcalc provides the ability to analyze the electrical parameters
of a particular structure based on the physical dimensions and material parameters.
The synthesis portion calculates the required physical parameters to meet desired
electrical specifications.  Wcalc includes several models and places an emphasis on
accuracy.  Several frontends provide the user with several options for its use.

Models include:

 - single layer solenoid inductor
 - single microstrip and stripline
 - coupled microstrip
 - metal-insulator-semiconductor microstrip
 - coaxial cable

Frontends include:

 - gtk gui
 - web (cgi)
 - scilab
 - octave
 - matlab
 - stdio

See the file INSTALL for building and installation instructions.

Please report all bugs at the wcalc sourceforge project page

See the file COPYING for copying conditions.
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