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There are several different methods of installing gEDA. Select your installation method depending upon your Linux distribution and your level of expertise. If one installation method doesn't work for you, please try a different one.

See here for installation notes for individual systems.

There are experimental releases of gEDA for Windows. See the installation notes.

Installing gEDA using your distribution's package manager

If you are using a recent GNU/Linux distribution, this is the preferred method of installing gEDA. For example, on Debian, this is

apt-get update && apt-get install geda pcb gerbv

(typed as root) assuming you want to install gschem and gnetlist, pcb, and gerbv. Or, use your distribution's interactive package manager to select the appropriate packages.

Downloading the compiled gEDA packages for your distribution

(in case you are using an older distribution)

Distribution Packages / Binaries

Linux Distro Installation method Install files Creator/maintainer Comment
SuSE yast RPMs Werner Hoch
Debian apt-get install geda .deb files Hamish Moffatt Download .debs appropriate for the maturity level of your distro (stable, testing, etc.)
Mac OS X fink packages Charles Lepple Instructions provided in the here

Downloading the sources and compiling gEDA yourself

If you want to apply your own patches to gEDA or you just want to use a newer version than included in your distribution, you will have to compile the GEDA sources yourself.

  • The gEDA programs use the GTK+ GUI toolkit. If you are running KDE, you should have no problem building and installing them as long as the GTK+ libraries and headers are installed on your system.
  • gEDA/gaf, as well as the gEDA-allied programs have certain dependencies. These are libraries and other programs which must be present on your system to build and run gEDA successfully. When trying to install gEDA, you may find that you need to install other, seemingly unrelated programs first. If you find you are missing dependencies during the installation process don't despair! Overcoming any dependency issue is a simple matter of installing the required program or library.
Name Notes Tarball Description
gEDA/gaf (stable) README 1.10.2-20201222 Schematic capture, netlister, symbols, symbol checker, and utils
PCB Announcement 4.3.0 Printed Circuit Board layout tool
gerbv Announcement 2.7.0 Gerber file viewer
xgsch2pcb Announcement 0.1.3 Graphical front-end for the gschem → pcb workflow
gnucap devel GPLed mixed-mode/mixed-level circuit simulator
Icarus Verilog Stable snapshots Verilog simulation and synthesis tool
GSpiceUI Homepage GUI Frontend to SPICE
GTKWave Homepage Electronic waveform viewer
gwave Homepage Analog waveform viewer
ngspice Download An improved SPICE
pcb-rnd Homepage A pcb fork with random improvements

Building the latest development version

For those already familiar with the gEDA/gaf applications and those who need the latest stuff, access to source-code repository is available. This is the latest developer version of the application.

Installation from the Unstable/Testing repository is appropriate for those:

  • Seeking a solution to a specific problem that was submitted to the development team, e.g., to test the “fix” so that the developers can be informed that the “fix” works.
  • With significant working knowledge of the gEDA Tools and quite some knowledge in using and installing from git.

This usually requires access to several existing designs known to work in the current stable release of the gEDA Tools, so that comparisons can be made and issues brought to the attention of the developer/user community (via the mailing lists or the bug tracker).

To clone the gEDA/gaf and pcb repositories using anonymous git access, type

git clone git://
git clone git://

There is a cgit interface to the repositories of the various projects at To clone a different repository hosted at, just substitute the last part of the URL.

See here for how to build gEDA from the git repository.

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