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 +//​Translations of this page are also available in the following languages://​ [[|Русский]].
 +====== Eagle PCB netlister README ======
 +<​code>​Basic information about the Eagle PCB backend and
 +The script uses the component'​s package, footprint, value, and (if no
 +value) device attributes, as well as the netlist, to generate an Eagle
 +script that will add and connect all components. ​ It also introduces a
 +"​lib"​ attribute, which specifies the Eagle library where the footprint
 +can be found...if a "​lib"​ attribute is not set for a component, then
 +the library defaults to "​smd-ipc"​ (the default Eagle surface mount library).
 +I am also including a simple shell script that I wrote which has saved
 +me hours by extracting the relative locations of the parts from a
 +gschem schematic, and generating an Eagle script to place the
 +components in the same relative locations on the layout. ​ By default
 +all packages are piled on top of each other, and with a large design
 +it takes a long time to sort out which cap bypasses which IC, etc.