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 ====== Hierarchical SPICE model ====== ====== Hierarchical SPICE model ======
-If you installed the gEDA Tool Suite from the distribution CD-ROM, then you should have this example ​of a hierarchical analog RF SPICE model in the:\\ **''​{source_install_path}geda-sources/gedagaf/​geda-examples-20060123/​RF_Amp''​** \\ directory.+Example ​of a hierarchical analog RF SPICE model in the:\\ 
 +directory, where ''​${prefix}''​ is the installation prefix for gEDA on your 
 +system (usually **''/​usr''​** or **''/​usr/​local''​**).
 <​code>​This README created 3.31.2003 <​code>​This README created 3.31.2003
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 mailto:​ mailto:​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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