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gschem and friends

Here is a list of programs that are part of gEDA/gaf (gschem and friends):

  • gschem is the schematic capture program/tool which is part of gEDA. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the graphical input of components/circuits.
  • gnetlist is a netlist generation program. It takes as input gEDA/gaf .sch (schematic) file and the required .sym (symbol) files and converts them into netlists.
  • gattrib is gEDA's attribute editor. It reads a set of gschem .sch files (schematic files), and creates a spreadsheet showing all components in rows, with the associated component attributes listed in the columns.
  • symbols (on a schematic) are an abstract representation of the physical components used in electronic circuits.
  • There are many utilities included as part of gEDA/gaf.
  • gsymcheck is the symbol checker for the gEDA/gaf system. Give it a symbol file and it will go through and verify that the symbol will work in gschem and friends.

This page is under construction as there is much information that needs to be migrated into this wiki. FIXME

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