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 +====== gattrib README ======
 +************* ​ DANGER!! ​ Read the entirety of this  **************
 +************ ​ README before you try runing gattrib! ​ *************
 +Gattrib is gEDA's attribute editor. ​ It reads a set of gschem .sch
 +files (schematic files), and creates a spreadsheet showing all
 +components in rows, with the associated component attributes listed in
 +the columns. ​ It allows the user to add, modify, or delete component
 +attributes outside of gschem, and then save the .sch files back
 +out.  When it is completed, it will allow the user to edit attributes
 +attached to components, nets, and pins.  (Currently, only component
 +attribute editing is implemented;​ pin attributes are displayed only,
 +and net attributes are TBD.) 
 +Gattrib is useful in situations where you need to view, add, modify,
 +or delete a number of attributes all at once.  It saves you the pain
 +of clicking on each component and repeatedly using gschem'​s attribute ​
 +editor to modify component attributes. ​ For example, if you create a
 +large design with generic components, and then later want to attach
 +"​footprint"​ attributes to your components, it is a real hassle to do
 +so using gschem. ​ In this situation, you can run gattrib on your
 +design files to attach the "​footprint"​ attributes all at once using an
 +easy-to-use spreadsheet. ​
 +WARNING NOTE:  Gattrib is currently PRE-ALPHA SOFTWARE!
 +It has been tested on several designs, but is not garuanteed to work.
 +It may even trash your design! ​ Therefore, if you wish to try gattrib
 +out, please create a backup copy of your design before you run it!
 +You can invoke gattrib on your design from the command line in the
 +following way:
 +gattrib my_design_*.sch
 +(This assumes you have a multi-page design with file names
 +"​my_design_1.sch",​ "​my_design_2.sch",​ etc.)  Gattrib will then read in
 +your design, and present you with a spreadsheet showing all components
 +and associated attributes. ​
 +You can also just run gattrib, and specify the input files using the
 +file->​open dialog box.
 +To edit your attributes, just edit the cells in the spreadsheet.  ​
 +To save your design, just select "​save"​ from the command menu.  Note
 +that no checks are currently done when you select save.  Be careful!
 +To quit, just select "​quit"​ from the command menu.  Note that
 +currently no checks thet you have saved your design are done when you
 +quit.  ​
 +If you want to add an entirely new attribute to your design (i.e. one
 +which doesn'​t exist on any component), you must first attach at least
 +one instance of that attribute to a component using gschem. ​ Then you
 +can use gattrib to attach the attribute to the remaining components.
 +(The reason for this is that gattrib creates its spreadsheet columns
 +based upon all attributes it finds when reading in the design.
 +Therefore, to create a column for a new attribute, you need to make
 +sure that that new attribute pre-exists in the design.) ​ In the future,
 +you will be able to add new attribute columns directly from gattrib,
 +but this feature is currently unimplemented.
 +The following features are currently implemented:​
 +*  .sch file read in from command line.
 +*  .sch file read in from menu.
 +*  .sch file save out from menu.
 +*  Component attribute editing (of course).
 +*  Pin attribute viewing.
 +*  Quit from menu.
 +The following features are currently unimplemented,​ but will be
 +incorporated at some future date:
 +*  Throw up "Are you sure" dialog boxes upon selecting "​save"​ and
 +   "​quit"​ from menu.
 +*  Alphabetic sort of rows.  (Should happen automatically upon read-in
 +   of design.)
 +*  Editing of net attributes (important for setting routing
 +   ​attributes). ​
 +*  Adding/​deleting attribute columns (to add/delete entire sets of
 +   ​attributes from a design.)
 +*  Search/​replace of individual attributes.
 +*  Search for component refdeses & netnames.
 +*  Set/view component & net visibility (through options pull-down
 +   ​menu). ​ Currently, visibility is "​invisible",​ and both name & value
 +   are displayed (if you turn on the visibility).
 +Note that if you select unimplemented features from the menu, nothing
 +will happen.
 +To install gattrib, place the tarball in the directory where your gEDA
 +sources live.  Then do:
 +tar -zxvf geda-gattrib-20040806.tar.gz
 +cd geda-gattrib-20040806
 +./configure --prefix=/​path/​to/​your/​geda/​stuff
 +make install
 +Note that you may need to set some environment variables first. ​ If
 +your compilation barfs, try setting these (for csh):
 +setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /​usr/​local/​geda/​lib:​$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
 +setenv PATH /​usr/​local/​geda/​bin:​$PATH
 +setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH /​usr/​local/​geda/​lib/​pkgconfig:​$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
 +Gattrib was cobbled together by Stuart Brorson starting in December
 +2003 from parts culled from GtkSheet (GTK+Extra) and gEDA.  Please
 +mail bug reports to:
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