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 +| << [[slotting|Slots and slotting]] ​ |  **[[geda:​gnetlist_ug|gEDA gnetlist User Guide]]** ​    ​| ​ [[config|Configuring gnetlist]] >> |
 +===== Implicit pins =====
 +As an alternative to using visible pins drawn in a symbol, gnetlist supports defining connections between named nets and pins using the "''​net=''"​ attribute. ​ This is commonly used with [[slotting|slotted components]],​ to avoid either having to add power pins to each slot or having to place an separate "power connections"​ component into the schematic.
 +<note tip>For more information on using the "''​net=''"​ attribute, see the [[geda:​na_howto|net= attribute HOWTO]].</​note>​
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