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 +| << [[Attributes]] ​ |  **[[geda:​gschem_ug|gEDA gschem User Guide]]** ​ |  [[Autonumbering]] >> |
 +===== Slots and slotting =====
 +<note tip>The [[geda:​gschem_symbol_creation|Symbol Creation Guide]] explains how to create symbols for slotted components.</​note>​
 +Some integrated circuits provide several identical and interchangeable devices in a single package. ​ gschem and [[geda:​gnetlist_ug|gnetlist]] provide support for working with these by using [[components]] with //slots//.
 +To use a slotted component in a schematic, create multiple copies of the component, and give them all the same ''​refdes''​ [[attributes|attribute]]. ​ Next, select one of the components and use **Edit→Edit** to display the "Edit Attributes"​ window. ​ If you select "Show inherited attributes",​ you should see a ''​numslots''​ attribute, which shows the number of slots in the package.
 +Select each of the copies in turn, and use **Edit→Slot...** to display the "Edit Slot Number"​ window. ​ This can be used to set which component uses which slot in the package. ​ When the slot is changed, gschem will automatically update the pin numbers displayed by the component.
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