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 +| << [[command_line|Command-line arguments]] ​ |  **[[geda:​gschem_ug|gEDA gschem User Guide]]** ​ |  [[extensions|Extending gschem]] >> |
 +===== Mouse gesture support =====
 +Some [[editing_actions|actions]] can be accessed using //mouse gestures//​. ​ Mouse gestures are performed by clicking and dragging the middle mouse button. ​ Gestures are not normally enabled; to enable them, you need to add:
 +<​code>​(middle-button "​stroke"​)</​code>​
 +to a [[config|gschem configuration file]].
 +By default, the following gestures are available:
 +  * Draw a "​Z"​ to begin drawing a region of interest box to zoom to, like **View→Zoom Box** (see [[Viewing schematics]]).
 +  * Draw a line upwards to zoom out.
 +  * Draw a line downwards to zoom in.
 +  * Draw a "​S"​ to return to Select Mode (see [[selecting|Selecting objects]]).
 +  * Draw a "​C"​ to copy selected objects, like **Edit→Copy Mode** (see [[moving_copying|Moving and copying]]).
 +  * Draw a "​M"​ to move selected objects, like **Edit→Move Mode** (see [[moving_copying|Moving and copying]]).
 +  * Draw an "​E"​ to edit selected objects, like **Edit→Edit**.
 +  * Draw a "​D"​ to delete selected objects, like **Edit→Delete**.
 +  * Draw an "​L"​ to begin adding [[graphics|lines]].
 +  * Draw an "​N"​ to begin adding [[graphics|nets]].
 +To modify or add to the available gestures, please see examples in the gschem system configuration file.