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gsymcheck man-page

gsymcheck(1)			   20031231			  gsymcheck(1)

       gsymcheck - gEDA/gaf Symbol Checker

       gnetlist [-h] [-v] [-q] symbol1 [... symbolN]

       gsymcheck  is  a	 symbol	 checker for gEDA.  Eventually there will be a
       list of checks performed on the symbols listed here.

       gsymcheck accepts the following options:

       -q      Quiet mode on.  This mode  turns	 off  all  warnings/notes/mes-
	       sages. (optional)

       -v      Verbose	mode  1.   This	 mode  will  show  all	error messages

       -vv     Verbose mode 2.	This mode will show all error and warning mes-
	       sages (optional)

       -vvv    Verbose	mode  2.   This mode will show all error, warning, and
	       info messages (optional)

       -h      Usage summary / gsymcheck help

       symbol1 [... symbolN]
	       At least one symbol file must be specified.  If	multiple  sym-
	       bols  are  specified  then  they	 are  sequentially read in and
	       checked.	 It is important that the schematic(s) follow all  the
	       options (ie last).

       Examples to be listed here eventually

       No environment variables are used.

       Ales Hvezda and many others

       gschem(1), gnetlist(1)

       Copyright ©  1999-2004 Ales Hvezda

       This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the
       GNU General Public License version 2.0

Version			      December 31st, 2003		  gsymcheck(1)
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