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Howto report bugs

I found a bug! What can I do about it?

  1. See if you can reproduce the bug.
  2. Ask on the geda-user mailing list if there is a work around, or has been dealt with in the bleeding edge version of gEDA/gaf. Note, that you must subscribe to the geda-user e-mail list before you can post to this list.
  3. See whether the issue is already in the bug tracking system of the component (see below). If not, file a bug report. Make sure to give all information necessary to reproduce the bug and add the version of gEDA/gaf that contains the bug.
  4. Finally, as with all open source projects, you may flex your programming muscles and try to fix the bug yourself. Please file a patch of the changes you had to make to the BTS of geda/gaf. The patch will be gladly accepted to improve the next release of gEDA/gaf.

Bug trackers

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