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 ====== Icarus Verilog ====== ====== Icarus Verilog ======
 +  * [[geda:​icarus_README|The Icarus Verilog Compilation System]]
   * [[geda:​icarus_quick_start|Getting Started with Icarus Verilog]]   * [[geda:​icarus_quick_start|Getting Started with Icarus Verilog]]
   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=13|Icarus Verilog Mini How To]]   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=13|Icarus Verilog Mini How To]]
   * [[geda:​icarus_mp|Icarus Verilog compiler man-page]]   * [[geda:​icarus_mp|Icarus Verilog compiler man-page]]
   * [[geda:​icarus_vpi_mp|Compile front end for VPI modules man-page]]   * [[geda:​icarus_vpi_mp|Compile front end for VPI modules man-page]]
   * [[geda:​icarus_vvp_runtime|Icarus Verilog vvp runtime engine man-page]]   * [[geda:​icarus_vvp_runtime|Icarus Verilog vvp runtime engine man-page]]
-  * [[geda:​icarus_README|The Icarus Verilog Compilation System]]+
   * [[geda:​igarus_FPGA_lcg|FPGA Loadable Code Generator for Icarus Verilog]]   * [[geda:​igarus_FPGA_lcg|FPGA Loadable Code Generator for Icarus Verilog]]
   * [[geda:​icarus_Xilinx_hints|Xilinx Hints]]   * [[geda:​icarus_Xilinx_hints|Xilinx Hints]]
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