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 +====== Installed plugins ======
 +The following plugins have been installed, to give the gEDA Project Wiki additional functionality.
 +===== hilited =====
 +The "​hilited"​ plugin acts as a yellow highlighter. Surround the text you want to highlight with double-exclamation marks.
 +<​code>​Sample text !!highlighted!! in a paragraph.</​code>​
 +Sample text !!highlighted!! in a paragraph.
 +===== xterm =====
 +The "​xterm"​ plugin allows you to embed preformatted text.\\
 +The ''<''​xterm''><''/​xterm''>''​ tags surround the text you wish to embed.\\
 +The ''<''​xterm''><''/​xterm''>''​ tags differ from the built-in ''<''​code''><''/​code''>''​ tags as follows:
 +  * The text is indented.
 +  * You can emphasize parts of the text.
 +  * The text will have a lightgreen background, so it will stand out on the wiki-page.
 +The following is indented from the current section'​s left margin:
 +<​xterm>​embedded **preformatted** words</​xterm>​
 +The following shows how the preformatted text will follow the XHTML indent levels:
 +  * Test line 1.
 +  * Test line 2.\\ <​xterm>​Indented test line 3.</​xterm>​
 +  * Test line 4.
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