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gEDA Mailing Lists

Available Mailing Lists

List Name Description Posting address Access Archives
geda-announce Announcements web Monthly
geda-help New user help subscribe Archive
geda-user User discussions subscribe Archive
geda-bug Bugs/Patches web Monthly Monthly
geda-commits Commit notifications subscribe not archived


Be sure to read all the notes before subscribing

  • Subscribing to a gEDA mailing list or communicating via any channels associated with the gEDA project means that you have read and accepted to follow the gEDA Project Code of Conduct. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • You can only post using a subscribed e-mail address. If you do not subscribe and attempt to post to one of the above lists, your post will never make it to the lists.
  • If you are having posting problems, make sure the address that you send e-mail to is the same address you subscribed with.
  • Use the posting address to send email to the list.
  • To unsubscribe follow the links on the bottom of each message from the list. Do NOT send unsubscription requests to the mailing list.
  • Advertisement of non-free commercial EDA is NOT welcome on any of the mailing lists.
  • Do NOT send spam to or harvest e-mail address from any page on this site.
  • Plain text only please! Do NOT send messages to any gEDA list in HTML.
  • Small binary attachments are okay as long as they are relevant to gEDA.

Read via gmane

The gEDA mailing lists are no longer mirrored via gmane.

Search the mailing lists

There is no local search tool for the archive of the mailing lists. However, you can use an external search engine to retrieve topics that have been dealt with before. Since the many geda terms like “schematic” and “pcb” are not very specific a general web search may be swamped by false hits. Two options to look in the archives only:

  1. Use the gmane search page (march 2005 to september 2011)
  2. Restrict a google search to google advanced search

Obsolete mailing lists

List Name Description Posting address Access Archives
geda-user Old User list none none Monthly Monthly
geda-dev Old Developer list By Invitation Only none Monthly Monthly
geda-cvs Repository commits none none Monthly Monthly
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