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PCB Footprint Guides

Footprint basics

  • There are two types of footprints: M4 and NEWLIB.
  • The best tools for creating footprints are PCB (wysiwyg), TEXT EDITOR (fast, accurate), SCRIPTING (powerful).
  • For drawing footprints in PCB, refer to: (FIXME: insert a WYSIWYG footprint creation guide)
  • For writing footprints in text, refer to Footprint Creation for the Open-Source Layout Program "PCB" written and maintained by Stuart Brorson
  • For Scripting footprints see the footprint generators page
  • Other things you may find helpful: calculator, paper+pencil, datasheets, calipers, spreadsheet.

Manufacturer references for laying out footprints

Sharing PCB Footprints

PCB Footprint FAQ

Can I have two pads/pins with the same pin-number?

“Yes, totally. This is how you create oval shaped copper around pins, or funny shaped pads (e.g. square at one end and round at the other) by overlapping two or more pads.”

How do I make an oval shaped pad around a footprint pin?

Simply add a pad on top of your pin and give them the same pin-number. If the soldermask is kept off both pins, and they overlap, they should appear as one pin on your board.

How do I make a 2-sided pad?

“Odd as it sounds, this can be necessary for some edge connectors. … but how do you do it???”

You can do it by making two pads at the same position and same pin number, but the second one with the flag “onsolder”. Like in:

Pad[ 10mm -3mm  10mm 3mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "square" ]
Pad[ 10mm -3mm  10mm 3mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "square,onsolder" ]
Edge Connectors

Do a 2-sided pad as above. If you want the shape of the connector pad to be square at the edge end and half-round at the pcb-interior end, use two overlapping pads per side, like in:

Pad[  0   -3mm   0   3mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "square" ]
Pad[  0   -3mm   0   5mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "" ]
Pad[  0   -3mm   0   3mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "square,onsolder" ]
Pad[  0   -3mm   0   5mm  2.0mm 0.5mm 0.2mm "1" "1" "onsolder" ]
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