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 +====== PCB SoW: Forward Annotation: Ideas, commentary, and examples from users ======
 +//Anyone with any ideas or commentary about how this task should be completed may add
 +them here.  Ideas about the details behind the implementation,​ too.  Please refrain from deleting or significantly changing the meaning of someone else's entry.//
 +===== DJ's Implementation Ideas =====
 +This is what I'm thinking for the forward annotation (gsch2pcb) design:
 +The PCB has a list of schematics that it gets info from.  Do we need
 +path support, or is full-paths (or relative to the pcb) ok?
 +Wildcards? ​ Anyway, the list of schematics is stored in the .pcb file
 +somehow. ​ The GUI needs a way to manage these, too.
 +When the user asks, PCB uses the list of schematics to run a gnetlist
 +command with my new backend, passing the list of schematics. ​ The
 +gnetlist spits out a list of actions, which pcb runs.  These actions
 +update the netlist, add any missing elements, and remove any
 +appropriate elements. ​ Elements which need new footprints are updated
 +(magically! in place! we hope ;).
 +Also, some additional attributes will be propogated to elements, like
 +vendor, vendor_part_number,​ etc.
 +If the import is part of a "new board" step, we place the parts and
 +disperse them, optimize the rats nest, etc.  No problem there.
 +What do we do with new elements if it's just an update? ​ Eventually,
 +I'd like to have some separate container for "​unplaced elements"​ but I
 +mean, what do we do for now?  I'm wondering if disperse or autoplace
 +is smart enough to do something useful if we place the parts and
 +select them, on a partially laid out board.
 +I think this is enough information in the .pcb file that we can get
 +rid of gsch2pcb and the "​project"​ file it uses.
 +It does mean that the pcb cares which schematics go with it, but the
 +schematics don't care which pcb they go with.  Schematics can be
 +reused/​shared,​ boards generally can't.
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