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 +====== PCB SoW: GUI Enhancement:​ Ideas, commentary, and examples from users ======
 +//Anyone with any ideas or commentary about how this task should be completed may add
 +them here.  Ideas about the details behind the implementation,​ too.  Please refrain from deleting or significantly changing the meaning of someone else's entry.//
 +Currently, we either enable or disable categories of objects (like vias). ​ Perhaps an intermediate
 +setting that either outlines it or draws is translucently,​ so that things below it can be selected
 +while still being able to see and interact with the above things? ​ Example: with rubberband set,
 +you'd still want to be able to snap to the line endings beneath it, yet move the via along with the
 +When you hover over a track, the netname should be displayed in the status line.
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