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 +====== Suse 10.1 install notes ======
 +These notes pertain to the latest gEDA CD install (20060825).
 +===== Prerequisites:​ =====
 +If you are installing gEDA onto a pre-existing SuSE system, make sure your system runs the Gnome desktop, or at least has the Gnome libraries installed. ​ If you have a KDE desktop system, unpredictable things may happen with the installer.
 +When installing SuSE-10.1, click on the “change” button when YaST shows you your configuration. Select “software” → “details”. Then add the following packages to your installation list:
 +  * C/C++ tools
 +  * Gnome development
 +Once these packages are installed, the installer should run to completion. ​ You **will** need to let the installer become root to install gd-devel as well as WxGTK. ​ If you don't want to do this, then install gd-devel and WxGTK manually before running the installer.
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