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   * [[wiki:​syntax|Built-in DokuWiki Syntax]] and [[geda:​Installed plugins]]   * [[wiki:​syntax|Built-in DokuWiki Syntax]] and [[geda:​Installed plugins]]
   * [[wiki:​dokuwiki|About DokuWiki]] and [[geda:​Syntax features|New DokuWiki features]]   * [[wiki:​dokuwiki|About DokuWiki]] and [[geda:​Syntax features|New DokuWiki features]]
 +  * If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the [[playground:​playground]]. ​
   * [[wiki:​dokuvimki|Using vim to edit gEDA wiki pages]]   * [[wiki:​dokuvimki|Using vim to edit gEDA wiki pages]]
   * [[geda:​style_guide|Generating PDF documentation from the wiki]] (work in progress)   * [[geda:​style_guide|Generating PDF documentation from the wiki]] (work in progress)
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