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 +**Ubuntu Install Notes**
 +Basic Stable Installation: ​
 +Use apt-get or synaptic to install a stable version from Debian repositories. (easy). ​ Alternately download a binary .deb from Debian (thanks to Hamish) and you can just sudo dpkg -i <​pcb-version.deb>​.
 +Build Installation:​
 +Ubuntu doesn'​t include everything you need to compile software yourself. ​ You'll want to install the '​build-essential'​ package using apt-get or synaptic to get the basic toolchain working on your machine. ​ (Things like GCC are not inc. in Ubuntu). ​ For a testing maturity level for PCB or geda, build-essential should be all you need.
 +Be careful as synaptic can do extreme damage to your system. ​ Do be fooled into replacing libc6 because synaptic will want to remove all applications that depend on it -- meaning your entire system.
 +CVS Installation:​
 +For the CVS version of PCB under Edgy, your ./configure step will require running with switch --enable-maintainer-mode. ​ (more notes needed)