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 ====== Getting started with Xorn ====== ====== Getting started with Xorn ======
-1. Make sure that, in addition to the usual gEDA build dependencies,​ a C++ compiler ​(preferably ''​g++''​and Python ​2.7 (including the development headersare installed on your system. +First, make sure that you have the latest version of gEDA/gaf installed ​(version 1.10.0 or later).  When invoking the Python ​interpreter directly from a non-standard prefix, you have to add the correct PYTHONPATH ​(see below): either ​the subdirectory ​''​built-packages'' ​in the build treeor the appropriate ''​site-packages'' directory in the installation.
- +
-2. Pull the latest gEDA sources, re-run ​''​./​''​, and configure and build the package as usual. ​ If you prefer downloading a tarballyou can pick up the Xorn sources from [[http://​​xorn/​xorn-netlist-20150903.tar.gz|here]]. ​ In either case, you don't need to install ​the package (but you can if you prefer to).+
 ===== Xorn as a command-line utility ===== ===== Xorn as a command-line utility =====
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