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 +==== GTKWave projects ====
 +  * System Verilog and/or VHDL support for RTLBrowse. ​ Currently it's only plain-vanilla verilog from the 1995 spec.
 +  * More "​interesting"​ integrations with other tools. ​ The new Tcl interface adds a bunch of possibilities. ​ I know one guy is using it to allow remote control from emacs through a bridge server.
 +  * Improved analog support. ​ This would also mean being able to read various spice rawfiles, etc.
 +  * An open source equivalent to FSDB in terms of speed, file size, and capabilities of the different types of data it can store. ​ This wouldn'​t necessarily be a gtkwave-only project given that I'd expect a reader/​writer API that for example, icarus/ghdl and gtkwave can interface to.  This is the most challenging of the bunch and would require not only coding, but lots of experimentation + throwing away code + restarting over when it's realized a better way can be used to do something.
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