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pcb has two testing frameworks:

  • Unit Tests
    The first uses the glib testing framework to execute function and object low-level tests of the code directly. These tests are generally contained by the files defining the code to be tested.
  • Application tests
    The second uses the meager scriptability of pcb to test functions at a higher level. These tests are contained in the tests/ directory of the source tree, and are run using the script.

To Do List

Geometry Tests

All of the geometry functions need tests. I've been trying to compile a list of functions that need tests. Many of these are indirectly tested through the DRC tests, but that isn't really as thorough as it ought to be.

  • search.c
    • IsPointOnLine
    • IsPointOnPin
    • IsPointOnArc
    • IsPointOnLineEnd
    • IsLineInRectangle
    • IsLineInQuadrangle
    • IsArcInRectangle
    • IsPointInPad
    • IsPointInBox
  • find.c
    • LineLineIntersect
    • LineArcIntersect
    • PinLineIntersect
    • LinePadIntersect
    • ArcPadIntersect
    • ArcArcIntersect
    • IsRatPointOnLineEnd
    • IsArcInPolygon
    • IsLineInPolygon
    • IsPadInPolygon
    • IsPolygonInPolygon
    • IS_PV_ON_RAT
    • IS_PV_ON_ARC
    • IS_PV_ON_PAD
  • polygon.c
    • IsPointInPolygon
    • IsPointInPolygonIgnoreHoles
    • IsRectangleInPolygon
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