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 +====== Bill of Material netlister README ======
 +<​code>​README for
 +BOM - Bill Of Materials generater for gnetlist.
 +I (Matt) put together a quick bill of materials generator for gnetlist.
 +It takes a configuration file which tells it what attributes you want
 +netlisted (i.e. vendor, part number).
 +This is a sample config file:
 +name  ​
 +Just call it with 
 +        gnetlist ​ -g bom -o test.sch ​
 +The config file must be called "​attribs"​ and be in the pwd, because
 +there is no way to pass arguments to the netlister (at least that I
 +could find).
 +Eventually I'd like to integrate this with some sort of a database for
 +production purposes. ​ Let me know if you are interested in helping or
 +have any ideas.
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