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gEDA Tool Suite documentation

These are the official project docs. They have been converted from LaTeX and HTML documents into Wiki pages so that the gEDA community may more easily maintain them.



Various talks and presentations on gEDA provide a good top-level overview of the project for those who are interested:

gEDA session DJ Delorie did at Renesas DevCon 2010 (the slides for it are here under “Presentations and Other Info”)

Ignite 5 video given by Stuart Brorson about “Hardware design and the gEDA Project”


These are informal FAQs, HOWTOs, and tips/tricks to help you with the practical details of using the gEDA Suite. If you are having a problem, browse these pages first.

  • Glossary : Glossary of terms that are specific to the gEDA Suite.
  • Usage : Questions about how to do electronic design using the gEDA toolset – information which applies to several or all tools in the gEDA Suite.
  • FAQ-gschem : Questions about installing, configuring, and using gschem. Also, questions about creating and using gschem symbols.
  • FAQ-attribs : Attribute management.
  • FAQ-gnetlist : Questions about installing, configuring, and using gnetlist. It deals with BOMs, DRCs, and all that.
  • FAQ-simulation : Questions about simulating your design using gEDA tools.
  • FAQ-gsch2pcb : How to take your design to layout using PCB.
  • PCB-quick reference : PCB Quick Reference Sheet.
  • PCB footprints : How to create, use and share footprints.
  • PCB tips : Tips and tricks for using PCB.
  • Guile scripting : Guile functions & variables provided by the gEDA tools.
  • Symbol guide : Symbols and attributes explained

gschem - Schematic Capture

gnetlist - Netlister

gsymcheck - Symbol Checker

utils - gEDA Utilities


Attribute/File Format Details







Icarus Verilog




Data plotting and viewing

  • GTKWave – Digital waveform viewer which reads LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST, and GHW files as well as standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files.
  • gwave – analog waveform viewer
  • gaw – analog waveform viewer, a rewrite of gwave
  • KJWaves – viewing, modifying, and simulating SPICE CIRCUIT files

Interaction with other EDA tools

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