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 +| << [[Graphics]] ​ |  **[[geda:​gschem_ug|gEDA gschem User Guide]]** ​ |  [[Attributes]] >> |
 +===== Colors and Styles =====
 +You can control the appearance of [[graphics|graphical elements]] in schematics and symbols in a number of ways.
 +==== Object color ====
 +Colors of objects in a schematic or symbol are set using a limited color palette, with the various colors having particular meanings. ​ To change which color an object is drawn in, select it and select **Edit→Color**. ​ This will display the "Color Edit" window, where you can choose the color to use from a drop down menu which shows a preview of each color and color name.
 +<note tip>​Remember that other users may view your schematics and symbols using a different color map to the one you used to create them, so they may not appear in the same way that they do to you.  See also [[Viewing schematics]].</​note>​
 +==== Line width and dashing ====
 +Lines, arcs and the outlines of boxes, circles and polygons have an adjustable line width and dash pattern. ​ Select the items to be modified, and use **Edit→Line Width & Type** to show the "Edit Line Width & Type" window. There are several supported dashing patterns:
 +  * "​Solid"​. Continuous solid line (this is the default).
 +  * "​Dotted"​. ​ In this case, the line is drawn with a series of dots spaced by the "Dash Space",​ and the diameter of the dots is controlled by the line width.
 +  * "​Dashed"​. ​ The line is drawn with a series of dashes; the length of the dashes is controlled by the "Dash Length",​ and the space between dashes by the "Dash Space"​.
 +  * "​Center"​. ​ The line is drawn with alternating dashes (of length "Dash Length"​) and dots.  The spacing between the dashes and dots is the "Dash Space"​.
 +  * "​Phantom"​. ​ The same as "​Center",​ except with two dots between each pair of dashes (i.e. "​dash-dot-dot-dash"​ instead of "​dash-dot-dash"​).
 +==== Fill patterns for shapes ====
 +Boxes, circles and polygons can have their interiors filled with a variety of patterns. ​ Use **Edit→Fill Type...** to show the "Edit Fill Type" window. ​ The available patterns are:
 +  * "​Hollow"​. The shape is unfilled (this is the default).
 +  * "​Filled"​. Fill the shape with a solid color.
 +  * "​Hatch"​. Fill the shape with hatching. ​ You must specify the angle for the hatching lines ("​Angle 1") and the spacing between them ("​Pitch 1").
 +  * "​Mesh"​. Fill the shape with hatching in two directions. ​ Like "​Hatch",​ you must specify angle and spacing, but once for each hatching direction.
 +For both the "​Hatch"​ and "​Mesh"​ fill patterns, you must provide the "Line Width" for the hatching lines.