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 +| << [[schematic_pages|Schematic and symbol pages]] ​ |  **[[geda:​gschem_ug|gEDA gschem User Guide]]** ​ |  [[editing_actions|Editing actions]] >> |
 +===== Viewing schematics =====
 +When loaded, schematic and symbol pages are shown in the central schematic view area of the gschem [[main_window|main window]].
 +==== Changing the view ====
 +There are several ways to change the view:
 +  * To //pan// the view, click and drag with the middle mouse button anywhere on the schematic, or use the cursor keys (**⇦⇧⇨⇩**). ​ You can also press <​key>​X</​key>​ to center the view on the mouse pointer.
 +  * To //zoom in//, press <​key>​Z</​key>​ or scroll the mouse wheel upwards.
 +  * To //zoom out//, press <​key>​Shift-Z</​key>​ or scroll the mouse wheel downwards.
 +  * To focus on a particular part of the design, press <​key>​W</​key>​ to start drawing a box containing a region of interest. Then left-click with the mouse to expand that area to fill the view.
 +Zooming operations will always zoom towards or away from the current location of the mouse pointer.
 +You can also select **View→Zoom Extents** to set the view to show everything currently on the page, or **View→Zoom Full** to display the entire workspace.
 +==== Color maps ====
 +Colors of objects in a schematic or symbol are set using a limited color palette, with the various colors having particular meanings. ​ For example, nets (which have electrical meaning) are drawn in a different color from lines (which are simply graphical). ​ A color map is used to choose which color to draw a particular object in.
 +There are several color maps provided with gschem, and you can switch between them from the **View** menu.  It is also possible to change the default color map or create your own.  For more information,​ see [[config|Configuring gschem]].
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