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 +====== Suse 10.0 install notes ======
 +===== Prerequisites:​ =====
 +First off, I suggest you use the installer with date code 20051203 (or later). The 2005080X installer may not work with SuSE-10.0 without major upfront preparation. ​
 +Secondly, if you are installing gEDA onto a pre-existing SuSE system, make sure your system runs the Gnome desktop, or at least has the Gnome libraries installed. ​ If you have a KDE desktop system, unpredictable things may happen with the installer.
 +The remainder of these instructions describe how to build your SuSE system so that you may install gEDA.  If you already have gEDA built (and it's a Gnome desktop), you can use YaST to install any of the below-mentioned packages you might be missing from your original install.
 +When installing SuSE-10.0 using YaST, click on the “change” button when YaST shows you your configuration. Select “software” → “details”. Then add the following packages to your installation list:
 +  * C/C++ tools
 +  * Kernal development
 +  * Gnome development
 +  * KDE development
 +  * TCL/Tk development
 +Then change the filter to search for and install the following packages:
 +  * Gtk-devel
 +  * Termcap
 +  * Ncurses-devel
 +  * wxGTK-devel
 +Once these packages are installed, the installer should run to completion.
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