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 +====== VHDL netlister README ======
 +<​code>​The VHDL backend
 +Written by Magnus Danielson and improved by Thomas Heidel ​
 +A few things you have to care about:
 +1. In order to generate valid component declarations,​ you
 +   have to add an additional attribute to each pin.
 +   "​type=IN"​ or "​type=OUT"​ or "​type=INOUT"​
 +2. The "​device"​ attribute must be unique to a symbol!
 +   The verilog symbols of the same type for example, have all
 +   the same device attribute and will therefore not work.
 +3. Make sure your component-library picks up the vhdl symbols instead
 +   of the verilog symbols ​ Library paths that show up last are searched
 +   ​first!
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