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gnetlist is a netlisting tool, and is part of the gEDA (GPL Electronic Design Automation) toolset. It is used to extract information about electronic components and the connections between them from schematic diagrams, which describe the logical structure of an circuit. gnetlist outputs the netlist in a variety of formats that can be automatically processed by other tools, such as printed circuit board (PCB) layout tools or circuit simulators.

Reading this guide

Several typographical conventions are used in this guide to indicate different concepts.

  • When key terms or concepts are introduced, an italic typeface is used. For example, “gnetlist accepts a number of command-line arguments.”
  • Text you might type in a text editor or at a command line is indicated using a fixed space typeface. For example, “The --list-backends option to gnetlist prints a list of installed netlist backends.”

Getting additional help

If you have a question about using gnetlist, you may wish to send a message to one of the gEDA mailing lists. Alternatively, you can ask your question on the geda Launchpad page, and one of the developers will try to answer it for you.

If you think you have found a bug in gnetlist, please file a bug report in the Launchpad bug tracker. Please add the tag “gnetlist”. It will help the developers to fix your problem quickly if you can describe in detail how to reproduce the bug.

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