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gEDA GSoC 2008 Project Ideas

This page contains various ideas for projects, organized by the tool. You can use these as fodder for creating your application to Google. Also, if you have your own idea, feel free to share it with the gEDA developers – they might like it more than any project on this list!

Projects that make the tools work together are on this webpage

Gnucap circuit simulation/analysis program

Project ideas for Gnucap are on this webpage

PCB Layout Editor

Project ideas for PCB are on this webpage

Gwave -- analog waveform viewer

Project ideas for Gwave are on this webpage

Gschem schematic capture tool

Project ideas for Gschem are on this webpage

Icarus Verilog

Project ideas for Icarus Verilog are on this webpage


Project ideas for gerbv are on this webpage

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