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Command-line arguments

gschem accepts several optional arguments on the command-line. You can get a list of them by running gschem -h. gschem also has a manpage (man gschem) which lists all of the command line options that it accepts.

Message output and diagnostics

-q, --quiet Quiet mode. Turn off all warnings/notes/messages.
-v, --verbose Verbose mode. Output extra diagnostic information.
-h, --help Print a help message.
-V, --version Print gschem version information.

Scheme extensibility

-L DIRECTORY Prepend DIRECTORY to the list of directories to be searched for Scheme files.
-s FILE Specify a Scheme script to be executed at startup.
-c EXPR Specify a Scheme expression to be evaluated at startup.


-r, --config-file=FILE Specify an additional configuration file to be read after all other configuration files have been processed.
-o, --output=FILE Specify a filename for generating PostScript output. This command line argument is useful when running gschem from a shell script and with a Scheme script. The filename can be changed through the print dialog box.
-p Automatically place the window. This may be useful if running gschem from the command line and generating output.
-- Treat all remaining arguments as schematic or symbol filenames. Use this if you have a schematic or symbol filename which begins with “-”.
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